Our work is effective, and the results are tangible.

From identifying and engaging early on with up-and-coming leaders around the world, to
establishing new pathways of activism that directly benefit Jews and Israel.


Science Diplomacy

The American Council for World Jewry has been a pioneer in the Jewish world with its Science Diplomacy Initiative. The program encourages international dialogue between nations and peoples while solving human and economic problems and enhancing quality of life. Science Diplomacy utilizes Israeli high tech and scientific advancements and American access and leadership to encourage and cultivate new relationships and bonds that will build deeper diplomatic and political ties between the United States, Israel, and countries around the globe.

And we succeeded in highlighting Israel’s major advances in creativity, modernity, and technology in places where they were unacknowledged, such as in Africa and in Latin America.

Science Diplomacy can be a total win-win for all concerned: an economic development tool, a relationship building vehicle and a contributor to generating better understanding among people throughout the world.

Preemptive Activism

The security of the Jewish community depends upon our alertness and ability to recognize the importance of events as they first begin to unfold. Four years ago, many rejected the Council’s warning of a resurgent anti-Semitism in France. At that time, in discussions with CRIF, the leading French Jewish communal agency, and later with representatives of the French government, we urged the adoption of proactive programs to engage the mounting threat. Our warning was largely derided and dismissed. Only when French Jews began emigrating was our early concern recognized. In response to the vulnerability of French Jews, the Council partnered with the UPJF, a Jewish communal agency in France.

Our strategy was to enhance Jewish presence and participation in the political life of France, something deliberately abjured by French leadership in the past. Today, that policy is in place. The lesson is clear: to succeed, in France and around the world, we must be preemptive.

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