The American Council for World Jewry was founded as a home for Jews from all over the world, joining together as partners to ensure our common survival and prosperity.

Our Mission

The Talmud teaches Kol Yisrael arevim zeh lazeh—all of Israel is responsible for one another. These words guide the way in which the American Council for World Jewry steers its critical agenda of combating anti-Semitism and working towards the betterment of the Jewish community worldwide. 

Since its founding, the Council has acted on the premise that the fight against anti-Semitism in any one country is a matter that affects the future of all Jews regardless of where they live and the freedoms they themselves may have. It has done so by coordinating activities with local and national Jewish organizations across the globe, opening channels of communication with Muslim nations in Asia and the Middle East, and fostering important relationships with countries that had little knowledge of, or concern for, Jewish affairs in the past. 

The Council brings to bear the combined resources of lay leaders and Jewish communal organizations from the United States and around the globe. It is an activist organization that takes a proactive approach to dealing with threats and issues wherever they may be found. 

I welcome you to learn more about the American Council for World Jewry and join us – so that you may help further the program and mission of this organization in its essential work.

Jack Rosen Chairman, American Council for World Jewry


Jack Rosen



Jack Rosen is Chief Executive of Rosen Partners, Chairman of the American Council for World Jewry, and President of the American Jewish Congress. His wide array of business interests includes ventures operating throughout the United States, Europe and Asia in Healthcare, Cosmetics and Telecommunications. Rosen is very active in government and political affairs. President Obama visited Mr. Rosen’s home in November 2011.


Rosen is also a long-time friend of President Joe Biden, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton. Under President Clinton, Rosen was a Presidential appointee to the United States Holocaust Memorial Council, as well as a member of the NASA Advisory Council. He was a member of the U.S.-Israel Bi-National Commission on Housing and Community Development.


In 2004 President Bush appointed him to the United States Delegation to the OSCE Conference on Antisemitism held in Berlin, Germany and the United States Holocaust Memorial Council. At the request of Congressman Charles Rangel, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Rosen brought together leaders in the Jewish and Palestinian communities to promote Middle East economic development. He was a member of the US Senate Budget Commission under the direction of Senator Pete Domenici.


In the field of international affairs, Rosen was a U.S. State Department delegate to the Panama Conference of the Organization of the American States and was a member of the United States Presidential Delegation to attend Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin’s funeral. He has been a trustee of the Appeal of Conscience Foundation. He has been a member of numerous Congressional Missions, including those to Mexico and to the Persian Gulf. He has served on the New Jersey Governor’s Commission on International Trade.


As a consequence of Mr. Rosen’s involvement in international affairs, he has come to know the leaders of numerous countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Israel, Latin America, Russia and China. A trusted adviser to senior leaders worldwide from both the public and private sectors. Rosen has advised governments of several countries. Rosen is a Special Advisor to the Presidents of Senegal, Gabon, and Cote d’Ivoire. He has also advised several U.S. Presidents including Clinton, Bush, and Obama.


In addition to his work at the American Jewish Congress and the American Council for World Jewry, Rosen is frequently called upon to lend his expertise to other public interest organizations. He has been a member of the Executive Committee of AIPAC and is a trustee of Park East Day School and Park East Synagogue in New York City, which honored him as its “Man of the Year,” an honor bestowed on him as well by the American Cancer Society. Rosen was a presidential appointee to the United States Holocaust Memorial Council, as well as a member of the NASA Advisory Council. He served on the Board of Directors of the Hudson Institute and is currently a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He is a Member of the Board of Governors of Hebrew University.



Global Dialogue

The American Council for World Jewry is an alliance of Jewish groups and individuals from around the world who share a devotion to Jewish life and the defense of Jewish interests. By working together, we are able to leverage our individual and national strengths into a formidable international presence to combat rising anti-Semitism and stand up for Israel. The Council for World Jewry has established contact with leaders around the world, promoting Israel and Jewish rights. We have reached out to Muslim leaders in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, and established a strong relationship with up-and-coming and established leaders at the national, regional, and international level. The Council sponsors the annual International Mayors Conference, bringing together urban leaders from around the world to educate them to the issues facing Israel, and facilitate a forum for exchange of ideas.