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If anyone doubted it before, recent events have underscored the high stakes in the struggle for the future of Pakistan. Pakistan continues to be both a source of anxiety and a strategic resource in the fight against international terrorism and pursuit of regional stability.

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The great threat casting a shadow over Israel is a nuclear attack from a militant regime like Iran or Syria, or a terrorist movement.

In late 2009, I had the opportunity to lead a second delegation from the American Council for World Jewry to visit North Korea, a significant supplier of missiles and advanced technology to Iran and Syria (where in 2007 Israeli warplanes reportedly destroyed a North Korean-supplied nuclear facility). To help us complement and not contradict Washington’s broader policy, we consulted with the State Department before and after our trip.

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When I first visited East Berlin in 1971, as a small child, it never occurred to me that I would live to see the Wall collapse and with it the Soviet Union. Even more remote was the concept that I might return here three decades later to participate in an international conference where 55 governments joined in a declaration to combat anti-Semitism, or that yesterday I would participate in a wreath-laying by Jewish leaders at the monument to Soviet liberators of World War II. And here, I stand before you, those same community leaders, including many of the survivors, liberators and heroes. Thank you for this honor.

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Hillary Clinton’s first visit to Africa as U.S. Secretary of State has opened possibilities and promise for a comprehensive American approach to the continent. This includes governmental and multilateral efforts; philanthropic and business partnerships; and 360-degree involvement on everything from economic development and public health to peacekeeping and – at long last – recognizing Africa as a continent of equals rather than one filled with supplicants and victims.

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