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This week, we’re introducing a new series on the blog that will hopefully become a regular feature.  I’ve devoted much of the last year to working on a book about American Jewish accomplishment, highlighting some of the untold stories of Jewish success in the United States in fields like the movies, finance, and real estate.  There were so many fascinating figures, though, who did not make their way into the book, and every month, I will feature another American Jew who accomplished remarkable things.  We will range widely, from cultural titans like jazz musician Benny Goodman and filmmaker Sidney Lumet to religious figures like Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel to politicians like Herbert Lehman and Joseph Lieberman.  Not all of these names may ring a bell right now, but my intention is to introduce my Chinese readers to some of the wealth and scope of American Jewish life.  And if anyone has any suggestions for individuals they would like to see profiled, please let me know in the comments!

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