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Council Announces NEW Science Diplomacy Initiative

Monday, 11 June 2012




JUNE 11, 2012 New York City -- Jack Rosen, Chairman of the American Council for World Jewry, announced today a bold, new effort -- the Science Diplomacy Initiative -- to facilitate expanded opportunities between Israel’s thriving high tech community and municipalities around the globe, leading to greater dialog and goodwill between Israel and the international community.


Rosen cited the extraordinary success of last month’s 28th annual International Mayor Conference held in Israel, and the interest shown in the initiative by virtually every mayor attending.  The five-day Conference served as the kick-off event for the Initiative, and gave the mayors a chance to provide valuable input as the program expands.


“The 37 mayors, representing every continent, came to Israel for an opportunity to see first-hand how Israel’s cutting edge industries are developing products that cities and towns everywhere want in the areas of security and cyber security, medical innovation and educational tools,” Rosen said.  They were uniformly impressed by the practical applications that are coming on-line, and they went home thinking about how high tech products can address important needs in their communities.  It was extremely gratifying to see the close interaction between the mayors and Israeli officials and business leaders, and the new channels of communication that are mutually beneficial.”


Mayors from six American cities were joined by leaders from a diverse mix such as Italy, the Philippines, Angola, Bulgaria, Venezuela, Ethiopia, Hungary, New Zealand, Turkey, Ghana, Latvia, Uruguay, Poland and dozens of others.


“In the weeks and months ahead, the Council will work closely with the mayors and their economic development staffs to identify which of their priority projects can make use of our Science Diplomacy Initiative.  We won’t limit it to those cities that were represented at the Mayors Conference.  I expect when others learn about what we are offering, and how we can facilitate and generate exciting opportunities, we’ll have many more forward-thinking mayors knocking on our door,” Rosen added.


The American Council for World Jewry works to address threats to Israel and Jewish communities around the globe, and to build bridges to political and business leaders everywhere who share the goal of ensuring the safety and security of Jews everywhere.


SUMMARY – Israel International Mayors Conference

Monday, 07 May 2012

The 28th annual International Mayors Conference opened today in Jerusalem bringing together thirty-seven mayors from all around the globe. Jack Rosen the conference's initiator and chairman of the American Council of World of Jewry greeted participating mayors with a warm speech introducing Minister of Intelligence Affairs, MK Dan Meridor. Minister Meridor presented the audience with a comprehensive assessment of Israel's geo-political standing. Minister Meridor fluent in number of languages responded to questions both in English and Spanish.

Amongst the visiting mayors quite a few have come from exotic and special locations, including:

1. Caracas – Venezuela – Antonio Ledezma

2. Little Rock – Arkansas – Mark Stodola

3. Montevideo – Uruguay – Anna Olivira

4. Frankfurt – Germany – Martin Wilke

5. Saltzburg – Austria- Heinz Schaden

6. Kishinev – Moldova – Dorin Chirtoaca

7. Katmandu – Nepal – Kedar Bahadur Adhikari

8. Addis Ababa – Ethiopia – Kuma Demeksa

9. Dar Es Salaam – Tanzania – Didas Massaburi

10. Kampala – Uganda – Erias Lukwago

11. Florence – Italy – Matteo Renzi

12. Warsaw – Poland – Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz

13. Mixco – Guatemala – Otto Perz Leal

14. ḉankaya – Turkey – Bülent Tanik

Foreign Minister MK Avigdor Lieberman hosted the mayors for lunch in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Minister Lieberman shared with the mayors the importance of a strong Israel in light of its status as the sole democracy in the Middle East. The foreign minister went further to emphasize the joint concern both in Israel and the West regarding Iran and especially the heavy implications of Iran becoming a nuclear power. The foreign minister was introduced personally to the mayors and shook their hands.

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PM Netanyahu Meets with World Mayors

Monday, 07 May 2012

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this morning (Monday), 7.5.12, in his Jerusalem office, hosted 37 mayors from 28 countries who have arrived in Israel to take part in the 28th Israel International Mayors Conference.  The Conference is taking place under the auspices of The American Council for World Jewry, led by American businessman Jack Rosen, the Foreign Ministry and the Union of Local Authorities in Israel.

Conference organizer and initiator Jack Rosen introduced Prime Minister Netanyahu to the mayors.  After the former's remarks, the latter spoke with each of the mayors.

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28th inte'l Mayors Conference convenes in Israel

Sunday, 06 May 2012

Mayors from all over the world heading to Israel to discuss security issues in view of municipal agenda

City politics never used to be about international security threats, but the reality of the new millennium has made local powers increasingly aware that the same international issues that concern national governments should also have a prominent place on the municipal agenda.


With that in mind, mayors from all over the world will be flying into Israel for the 28th annual Mayors Conference from May 6-10.


The conference, sponsored by the American Council for World Jewry, the Foreign Ministry, and the Union of Local Authorities, will feature panels on defense and security such as "Internal-Based Terror and the Secure City," led by former Shin Bet head Yaakov Perry.


Participants are also slated to tour sites such as "Mabat 2000," the security nerve center of Jerusalem's Old City, and meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman; the mayors of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Nazareth; and key Defense Ministry and Israel Police officials.


ACWJ Chairman Jack Rosen called the conference an opportunity for mayors to see how Israel had become a leader in defense, security, and intelligence.




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Tel Aviv to Host International Mayor’s Conference

Thursday, 03 May 2012

Bringing together dozens of prominent mayors from every corner of the globe, the 28th annual Mayor’s conference – sponsored by the American Council for World Jewry, Israel’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Union of Local Authorities – will take place between May 6-10, 2012.


The conference is a great opportunity for mayors from all over the world to“ see firsthand how Israel has become a leader in defense, security and intelligence products,” said Council Chairman Jack Rosen. “As every mayor knows, these are essential not only for the country as a whole, but for cities and communities that need to invest on behalf of the safety and well-being ”of individuals and families.


The Mayors will meet with Israel’s Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, the Mayors of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and Nazareth, key Defense Ministry officials and officers and leadership of the national Police Force.


Leaders from business and industry, especially those representing the security and high tech sectors, also will participate in the conference, alongside policy experts and analysts from the academic community. They will be meeting with Israel Prize Laureate Major Gen. (Res.) Prof. Isaac Ben- Israel, Head of Yuval Ne’eman Workshop for Science, Technology and Security at Tel Aviv University and Prof. Aaron J. Ciechanover – 2004 Nobel PRIZE winner Chemistry.


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