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Christchurch mayor looks to Israeli example in wake of massive earthquake

Friday, 11 May 2012

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker radiates a remarkable sense of calm for a man whose city was virtually leveled following a two-year string of earthquakes and aftershocks. The 59-year-old former broadcaster seems undaunted by the Herculean task of rebuilding the New Zealand city in the wake of last February's tragedy, in which a 6.3-magnitude earthquake took the lives of 185 people - including three Israelis.


This week Parker joined dozens of his peers in Israel at the International Conference of Mayors, co-sponsored by the American Council for World Jewry, Israel's Foreign Ministry and the Union for Local Authorities. While in Tel Aviv, he spoke with Haaretz about the planned reconstruction of his city, while also reflecting upon his first visit here.


"They say Israel is an island," says Parker. "My country is, quite literally, a series of islands - and an island is where a great sense of sustainability is required. We share this in common."


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Mayor to attend international conference

Thursday, 03 May 2012


Savannah Mayor Edna Jackson is getting ready to attend the International Mayor's Conference in Israel.


She is one of four mayors attending from the U.S. and the only female participant. The conference will be a chance for mayors across the globe to exchange ideas concerning challenges and opportunities they have faced.


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Netanyahu to Receive Copy of Bulgarian Letter That Saved 50,000 Jews

Wednesday, 02 May 2012

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will receive a copy of a historic letter written by Dimitar Peshev, the man whose initiative rescued a total of 50 000 Bulgarian Jews from deportation to Nazi concentration camps.


The letter will be handed to Netanyahu by Petar Paunov, Mayor of Peshev's hometown of Kyustendil, Darik radio informs.


Even though the news website does not mention details about the document in question, it is most probably the letter dated March 17, 1943, signed by the Peshev, then Deputy Speaker of the General Assembly, as well as 43 Members of the Parliament, which was sent to Prime Minister, Bogdan Filov, stating opposition to plans to deport the Bulgarian Jews.


"This is a document which shows the strength of the Bulgarian spirit and the humanity of our attitudes," Petar Paunov has commented.


The Mayor of Kyustendil will represent Bulgaria at the 28th annual Mayor's conference that is to take place between May 6 and May 10, 2012 in Tel Aviv. The event is sponsored by the American Council for World Jewry, Israel's Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Union of Local Authorities

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