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"In Central Africa, Israelis fuel development"


“Africa is important to us for a number of reasons,” Rosen said. “Currently, three members of the U.N. Security Council are from Africa: Gabon, Uganda and Nigeria. At the U.N., their votes are critical in such things as sanctions against Iran.” On June 9, all three countries voted to support the sanctions; behind-the-scenes lobbying by Jewish groups preceded the vote. Israel’s involvement in Central Africa also can help combat Iran’s growing influence here, Rosen said, noting the increasing influence of Iran-backed Hezbollah in Cote d’Ivoire.


“It’s important for the American Jewish community to play a role in African affairs and try to get them to support our causes,” Rosen said. “Not only that, the Israelis have done substantial trade with Africa over the years. They can provide these countries with resources and technology in areas that are important to them, like agriculture and military training.”


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