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28th inte'l Mayors Conference convenes in Israel

Mayors from all over the world heading to Israel to discuss security issues in view of municipal agenda

City politics never used to be about international security threats, but the reality of the new millennium has made local powers increasingly aware that the same international issues that concern national governments should also have a prominent place on the municipal agenda.


With that in mind, mayors from all over the world will be flying into Israel for the 28th annual Mayors Conference from May 6-10.


The conference, sponsored by the American Council for World Jewry, the Foreign Ministry, and the Union of Local Authorities, will feature panels on defense and security such as "Internal-Based Terror and the Secure City," led by former Shin Bet head Yaakov Perry.


Participants are also slated to tour sites such as "Mabat 2000," the security nerve center of Jerusalem's Old City, and meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman; the mayors of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Nazareth; and key Defense Ministry and Israel Police officials.


ACWJ Chairman Jack Rosen called the conference an opportunity for mayors to see how Israel had become a leader in defense, security, and intelligence.





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